Anne O’Gorman

What are you striving to achieve with CrossFit?
I did group fitness for quite a while and I wanted to just increase my strength. I wanted to better the movements I was doing. I really wanted to come to try and learn to do pull ups and I have achieved that goal, and along with it I’ve made a lot of strength and I’m the fittest I’ve ever been in my whole 46 years.

What were your first experiences at CrossFit like?
Coming to class was a little bit daunting, I started off with a women’s class and I used to watch the CrossFit class going and I actually couldn’t wait to get in there. So I didn’t last in the women’s very long, which was a great class at the time but yeah it was just a great experience.

How did you find the coaches and other members when you first joined?
They treat you like athletes from day one which is quite good. They were just friendly and encouraging and they show you a really good technique, and they help you a lot with injuries as well.

What is it specifically about CrossFit that you like?
It encompasses all sports, the strength training, the gymnastics, what it does to you, what it involves with your body, and it’s a really good methodology to get fit and stay fit. I have a very physically and mentally demanding job and CrossFit is my big stress relief for me and keeps us focused.

Is there any advice that you would give to someone who is on the fence about joining?
Just come along, you’ll love it. Just do it! I wish I did it a lot earlier, I wish they’d had it in schools when we were kids

Aimee Jones

What are you wanting to achieve through CrossFit?
I have no specific sporting goals at the moment but a huge priority to me is to live a happy and healthy lifestyle, and CrossFit definitely allows me to do that.

What were your first experiences at CrossFit Uncut like?
It was exciting and it was quite cool to see girls throwing around like 100kgs and that’s something that I thought I’d never be able to do and it’s definitely a very inclusive feel from the first time here and fun from the start as well

How did you find the coaches and other members when you first joined CrossFit Uncut?
The coaches are awesome and work around any injuries that you’ve got and the members are just incredible and some of my best friends that I have now are members from this gym.

What is it specifically about CrossFit that you like?
I enjoy that there’s lots of different movements with CrossFit, and lots of different things that you can get good at, like gymnastics, and strength training, and cardio which I’m not very good at (laughs). But I’ve tried lots of different other sports and this is definitely the most fit I’ve ever been, and the most well-rounded athlete I’ve ever been.

What keeps you coming back?
I know I’m gonna have fun every single night, and just know that I can be silly and dance and talk to my friends and it’s just really lighthearted but I still get a really good workout.

Is there any advice you would give to someone who is on the fence about joining?
Definitely just come and try it because everyone thinks they’re not fit enough, or not strong enough to do it, but you 100% are, and within a few weeks you’ll notice yourself getting fitter and stronger and you’ll just feel amazing.

Shea Evans

Check out what Shea had to say about training at CrossFit Uncut for 4years.

What are you striving to achieve with CrossFit Uncut?
I’m trying to get a wee bit fitter. I did have a few goals to compete in powerlifting but I hurt my back so I’m trying to focus on the fitness side of things.

What were your first experiences of CrossFit like?
My first experiences were in the days of GPP for those who remember that. It was all go go go. There were no weights involved really it was all just body weight stuff.

How do you find the coaches and other members?
The coaches are great. Jeff, Becks, Lesley and Dalton are all great. They work around all fitness levels and injuries so you’re still able to get a good workout regardless. And all the members here are great, they’re all encouraging and some of them are friends for life.

What is it specifically about CrossFit Uncut that you like?
The space. I’ve been to a few CrossFit gyms up north and they’re all quite pokey and the amount of gear we’ve got here, it’s a tremendous amount of gear so yeah, that’s good.

Is there any advice you would give to someone who is on the fence about joining?
Give it a go. I think if you come and give it a go it’s not as scary as it looks on TV. It’s like every average Joe is here, and everyone is encouraging so get off the fence and come and give it a go!

Member Spotlight Monday – Shea Interview

Member Spotlight Monday – Shea Interview"I like the space in the gym, I've been to a few CrossFit gyms ups north and they're all quite pokey, and also the amount of gear we've got here."

Posted by Crossfit Uncut on Sunday, 17 September 2017

2016 ANZAC Day Throw-Down

In memory of all those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the service of our nation.

On Monday 25th April, we remembered the ANZAC’s CFU styles the best way we no how! With a big session. We had a great turn out and under the watchful eyes of Coach Clarebelle and Dalton they put the team through Two workouts in Two hours. Everything was adjusted for each person’s individual training level.

The first workout was a very special workout as we remember a New Zealand solider

Lt Tim O’Donnell, 28, was serving as part of the New Zealand Provincial Reconstruction Team in the Bamyan Province, Afganistan, when his unit came under attack on 4 Aug 2010. Lt O’Donnell was killed.

Two other New Zealand defence personnel were seriously injured; Lance Corporal Matthew Ball, 24, who is a friend of CrossFit New Zealand member Nick’s from primary and secondary school, and Private Allistar Baker, 23. Lt O’Donnell is New Zealand’s first combat death in Afganistan, and New Zealand’s first combat death in over a decade. Lt O’Donnell is survived by his father Mark, a former police officer, his mother Mary-Anne, a nurse, his brother Andrew, and his sister Anna.

Nick asked CFNZ if he could create a workout to honour Tim in the traditional CrossFit fashion. He wrote a few words for them as well.

Tim O’Donnell, Matthew Ball and Allistar Baker are New Zealand’s heroes. It’s intrinsic to the nature of heroism, however, that a hero is the last person who is going to call himself a hero, because the chief characteristic of true heroism is selflessness. That is what distinguishes true heroism, like those fighting for our country and community, from false heroism such as sports idols and movie stars. Tim, Matt and Allistar gave selflessly of themselves to fight for our country and felt as if they were only doing their jobs, even though their jobs require them to do extraordinary things. The New Zealand Defence Force in Afghanistan are not men and women who, once in a lifetime, rise to the occasion and go into the fray at great personal peril. They are people who train to do this, and more, on a daily basis. New Zealand is proud of their contribution to Afghanistan.

This post is dedicated to all those who are in professions that involve keeping our community, and country, safe. Thank you for your sacrifices. – Nick Linton

Our work-outs were;

[Hero WOD]
For time complete;
400m Farmers Walk
28 x Box Jumps @ 24/30”
28m Bear Crawl
28 x Double Unders
28 x Ground to Overhead 30/40kg
28m Bear Crawl
28 x Double Unders
28 x Chest to bar Pull Ups
28m Bear Crawl
28 x Double Unders
28 x Burpees
28m Bear Crawl
28 x Double Unders
28 x Alternating Pistols
28m Bear Crawl
28 x Double Unders
400m Farmers Walk with KBs

[50min time cap]
RX+ is available
10min break – Then;

Working in Even teams, divided by the number booked, complete 3rounds for time;

20 x Team push up
[Team forms 1 line, with feet on behind team mates shoulders. Team must perform in cadence to the group leader’s count. Usual standard of movement rules applies]
20 x Log/Powerbag sit ups – In cadence
20 x Log/Powerbag Thruster – In cadence
400m Log/Powerbag run

As soon as your team finishes 3rounds, break up into pairs and complete;
200m frog jump – burpee broad jump
[alternating with partner]

Sam Buxton

Sam Buxton

What is CFU to you? Cross fit on day one was an unknown, I did not know what to expect. Since then, I have grown to appreciate the values, and culture, developed in this box. I used to prioritize work over a lot of things, now it is, crikey, it’s cross fit time!! What have we done for you? The coaches have completely changed the way I approach fitness. So much in fact, that it is actually fun-nes. No two workouts are the same, and will all challenge you in different ways. The coaches have continually motivated me to work harder, push myself, and get better. I apply this not only to cross fit, but day to day life. What do you think of our box? The box is filled with a great cross section of positive, vibrant, and energetic people, who have made me feel welcome from day one. The team atmosphere is truely unmatched, and that alone is worth coming back for. The quality of equipment, coaching, and fellow boxees, is second to none. Thank you coaches, and box goers for being awesome!

Amanda Durham

Amanda Durham

Given that I work right next to Uncut it wasn’t hard to notice and hear the hard out cult activity next door. During summer I would leave work and often have to run the gauntlet of seriously bad arse athletes doing their thing, I would be head down and I think to myself they must be mad serious about their fitness to go to this extreme, never did I think I would become one of them 🙂

When Jeff and Becks came into work and put the challenge out to the team to sign up for five weeks I had no idea I would get hooked… in fact on my form under ‘Other conditions’ I put LAZY. The first WOD I ever did was the Fit test and I swear I almost died, finishing last, clocking 17 minutes. I honestly thought I was not built for Crossfit but Jeff kept telling me I would improve and lift heavier, move faster and run further and always feel like I have been challenged. I also recall saying to my family that Jeff Leckie is the only man that has and will get away with calling me ‘fat’ ok he didn’t say the ‘f’ word but would refer to me being a ‘heavier athlete’, two words I never associated with each other but now wear this badge with pride.

I think from the moment I scraped myself off the floor after the first day I had become addicted. However during following WOD’s I would again hate the whole Crossfit concept and then again when it was over I would want more and each Crossfit day was a day to look forward to … I had become one of them… I couldn’t wait to tell my family about what I had achieved that day and show them my bruised badges of honor and of course I would moan and groan from the ‘good’ pain of a well fought WOD. My family would warn our visitors not to ask if I am ok or ask how the ‘gym’ was going because I would go on and on and on.

I have so many moments that I have internally burst with pride during the last 10 months and I hope to visit the ‘zone’ often to feel that sense of self pride again (I seriously do sound like an addict). These moments however would not feel half as good as they do without the wonderful people at Crossfit Uncut. The high fives, words of encouragement and friendly competitiveness (Lesley and Anne). I have been truly humbled by the selfless and pure acts of empowerment I have received from others                                                                                                                                                                                                    .

My biggest accomplishment thus far has been coming off my anti-depressants, I have never been ashamed of my depression and if my story can encourage others to seek help it needs to be told. Uncut has become by stress ball of choice and I am a better person for it. Yes I have lost weight, and toned up but the true accomplishment is my renewed confidence in myself and sense of belonging, everything else falls into place thereafter.

Watch this space …. only good things to come 🙂


He aha te mea nui o te ao?

He tangata! He tangata! He tangata!

What is the most important thing in the world?

It is people! It is people! It is people

Natalie Laywood

Natalie Evans

CFU is my home away from home! The people, the place, the coaches are like a second family! I have never been involved in anything like it where you get so much love respect and encouragement and train insane all at the same time! The CFU family have changed my life! I wasn’t the best I could be before starting crossfit and have found a passion and some great training partners and coaches! I have achieved things that I never even knew I could do and am still surprising myself daily! I still have a long way to go but I am excited about that knowing that it will be with such a great bunch of people and in an awesome always growing facility!

crossfituncut testimonials featured image

Lesley Procter

Lesley ProcterI have been given back myself, given back the fire in the belly that pushes me to be better each day than the day before’’

Many of you have come to know Lesley well through the box, and also know that she is my mother. She has long been my coach across different sports in the last 20 years and just over Two years ago, we traded Coach and Athlete roles. It didn’t take long before she started to achieve some crazy results. I can’t begin to explain how proud of her I am with everything she has had to overcome to ‘find herself again’ and how inspiring it has been to watch her grow in the sport.

Lesley marks a huge milestone for CFU, as our first international CrossFit athlete we have produced. Her achievements to date are too many to tell you about but she has 13 age and weight class New Zealand Olympic Records, 1st in the Women’s 55-59 Scaled Dec-Jan MFFL (an international online CrossFit comp), as well as being mother of Two, she now has 3 Grandchildren and officially is 119th in the world in Women’s 55-59 for the CrossFit Open.

As you know at CFU we don’t focus on the medals, awards and trophy’s that much, we focus on personal achievements with our team.

It’s so cool to then pass the stories on to the wider community in the hopes that it may inspire them to achieve extraordinary things with the CrossFit training methodology and that you can overcome huge things to be a better visions of yourself.

Have a read of what Lesley had to say about her journey so far with us;

‘’I’ve played various sports all my life, some competitively, some recreational. But somehow in my forties I became sedentary, put on weight (far more than I was comfortable with) and started to let gravity take over. Fast-forward to January 2013 and the opening of CrossFit Uncut. Jeff informed me “politely” that it was time I took myself in hand if I wanted to live long enough to see my granddaughters grow up, and that CrossFit might be something I could enjoy.

My first session, I could not run 400m without stopping several times. 90 kg was a lot to carry around I discovered.

But somewhere in that first painful month I got hooked. And somewhere in my first year and a half, I lost more than 15kg. In March 2014 I did my first CrossFit Open. All the wods had at least one “goat” in them and I was disappointed with my efforts, but amazed to only just miss out on getting in the top 200 worldwide for my age group. I really had the “bug” now.

As 2014 progressed I also discovered Olympic Lifting—at first in a very unco-ordinated fashion! But in CrossFit if you put the work in, you get the results and gradually the technicalities began to make sense. I began to embrace the “Zen” in those lifts, started competing, and started breaking records (13 over the course of 2014). Late 2014, I competed in a few international online CF competitions with some other amazingly mad CrossFit Uncut Masters – that was so much fun and I would recommend anyone over 35 to give the Masters Fitness League a go.

For the 2015 CrossFit Open, my goal was to make the top 200 worldwide in my age group. I am very happy to have achieved that goal. I finished 119th and although I have no illusions about going any further, I do want to post a score for each of the four Masters Qualifiers at the end of April. The best thing about this year’s Open was all the other CFU Hawks competing!

What does CrossFit Uncut mean to me? It is easy to see the records and the placings as ends in themselves, but really the best gift from CrossFit Uncut is that I have been given back my self, given back the fire in the belly that pushes me to be better each day than the day before. CrossFit is the one part of my life where no one but me gets to determine how good I am/ or am not. CrossFit Uncut has given me a family – you’re mad, we are competitive as hell with each other, but you sustain me on those cold mornings training by myself in the box and you push me to go further and faster during those crazy lunch time classes. Whatever my CF future holds those gifts can never be taken away, I wear the Hawk with pride!

Oh and just a few days ago, I back squatted more than I once weighed when I first came in the door at CFU—how freaking cool is that LOL’’.

Jade Bray

Jade Bray

There was this one time I was paying for a gym for over a year, and I never went. I was intimidated by the big machines, paranoid that people were watching me and didn’t have the mental game to stay and finish my personal workout.

I joined Crossfit 6 months ago and I haven’t looked back. I walked in with the misconception that I was going to have to be fit to participle in these workouts, I was soon proved wrong, movement can be made easier or harder depending on your strength, flexibility and fitness.

Crossfit Uncut has an amazing community, with encouraging and welcoming people with classes are run by knowledgeable, friendly and supportive coaches.

If you’re interested in making a positive change to your physical/mental health take the first step by coming to our open night and watch different shapes, sizes, ages and fitness levels participate in a demo work out.

Enough of rambling on, I expect to see some of you tomorrow night.

David Beck

David Beck

I have spent my whole life avoiding and dreading exercise but through Crossfit I’ve learned to love it. I spend all day at work looking forward to a session at Crossfit Uncut!

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