Monday 16th February

Quick reminder team, mindbody is no more as of this week. If you don’t have access to Wodify, let us know.

ZhKYvsBY_400x400Also if your keen to sign up to do the 2015 CF open, could you please let us know this week so we can plain for numbers. Remember there is a scaled,teens and Masters division too, so no reason to not be apart of this great worldwide event coming up. The key focuses for you other than hitting classes in the next couple of weeks I believe should be, drilling your Double unders and even triple unders, Pull ups, C2B, Muscle ups and F2B. Also your Olympic lifts as always, Handstand push ups and all the good old conditioning movements like, wall balls, box jumps etc. Reminder that the CrossFit open workouts are mostly the same as any other CrossFit programming day at CFU, unless Dave Castro (director of the CrossFit games) decides to throw a curve ball at us in the RX division. Always keen for a yarn about the open so hit me up and sign up to have a go. Cheers Jeff

CrossFit Programming
Session Focus: Olympic lifting

A. Hang Snatch 
”Stop Snatch”
B. Metcon
(AMRAP – Reps)
Tabata Push Press @ 30/42kg
5mins rest then;
C. Bench Mark WOD: ‘Elizabeth’
Power Clean @ 40/60kg
Ring Dips

Saturday 14th February

When we reflect on the journeys that some of you have taken to get the results you have got, there is one person that always comes to mind. Mandy blows us away with what she achieves in class more and more ever week its crazy. Despite the fact that she is not a fan (yet) of running and anything that involves gymnastic movements, she has always had the most amazing attitude and trust in us to give things a go. We all love her and shes great for having a laugh with. I asked Mandy to write a piece on her journey to date. Its a great read and you never know you may just see a little bit of yourself in this story.

Given that I work right next to Uncut it wasn’t  hard to notice and hear the hard out cult activity next door. During summer I would leave work and often have to run the gauntlet of seriously bad arse athletes doing their thing, I would be head  down and I think to myself they must be mad serious about their fitness to go to this extreme, never did I think I would become one of them 🙂

When Jeff and Becks came into work and put the challenge out to the team to  sign up for five weeks I had  no idea  I would get hooked… in fact  on my form under ‘Other conditions’ I put LAZY. The first WOD I ever did was the Fit test  and I swear I almost died,  finishing last, clocking 17 minutes.  I honestly thought I was not built for Crossfit but Jeff kept  telling me I would improve and lift heavier, move faster and run further and always feel like I have been challenged.  I also recall saying to my family that Jeff Leckie is the only man that has and will get away with calling me  ‘fat’ ok he didn’t say  the ‘f’  word  but would refer to me being a ‘heavier athlete’, two words I never associated with each other but now wear this badge with pride.

I think  from the moment  I scraped myself off the floor after the first day I had become addicted. However during following WOD’s  I would again hate the whole  Crossfit concept and then again when it was over I would want more and each Crossfit day was a day to look forward to … I had become  one of them…  I couldn’t wait to tell my family about what I had achieved that day and show them my bruised badges of honor and of course I would moan and  groan from the ‘good’ pain of a well fought WOD. My family would warn our visitors not to ask if I am ok or ask how the ‘gym’ was going because I would go on and on and on.

I have so many moments that I have internally burst with pride  during the last 10 months and I hope to visit the ‘zone’ often to feel that sense of self pride again (I seriously do sound like an addict).  These moments however would not feel half as good as they do without the wonderful people at Crossfit Uncut.  The high fives, words  of encouragement and friendly  competitiveness  (Lesley and Anne).  I have been truly humbled by the selfless and pure acts of empowerment I have received from others.

My biggest accomplishment thus far has been coming off my anti-depressants,  I have never been ashamed of my depression and if my story can encourage others to seek help it needs to be told.  Uncut has become my stress ball of choice and I am a better person for it.  Yes I have lost weight, and toned up but the true accomplishment is my renewed confidence in myself  and sense of belonging, everything else falls into place thereafter.

Watch  this space …. only good things to come 🙂

He aha te mea nui o te ao?
He tangata! He tangata! He tangata!

What is the most important thing in the world?
It is people! It is people! It is people

Amanda Durham

013CrossFit Programming
Session Focus: Strongman

A. Barbell Carry (5-5-5-5-5)
B. Prowler Push (5-5-5-5-5)
C. Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
20min AMRAP

10 x Ring Dip
20 sec Ring L-Sit Hold
20 x Ring Row
10 x Squat Clean @ 40/60kg

(Scaled options available)




Friday 13th February

I just want to say a big thank you to all of you that have given us great feedback and positive _MG_2623-Editcomments on all of our new system changes this week. Its been fun seeing so many of you fizzing over the new tools we have now and working it like a pro! All these new Club policy’s, wider ranges of membership plains and booking/workout recording features with Wodify are to help you guys get maximum benefits from your training, plus help us to look after you better. We are always looking to get feedback about what we can do more so please don’t be scared to talk to us about anything on your mind. Keep checking your inbox over the next week, for a couple more important emails as we get everything all sorted. Thank you again for all your patients and support with making CrossFit Uncut an even better place to train. Cheers Jeff

CrossFit Programming
Session Focus: Running

B. Power: Max distance 5 rep Broad jump
[3 attempts]
B. Metcon: Nancy (Time)
5 Rounds for time of:
400m Run
15 x Overhead Squats @ 30/42kg
(Scaled options available)
25min time cap
C. Shoulder Press
4 x 10

Thursday 12th February

CrossFit Programming
Session Focus: Gymnastic strength 

The moment you have finished your WOD and you collapse on the floor in a heep, thinking - ''Its good to be alive''

The moment you finish a WOD and collapse on the floor in a heap, thinking – ”Dam, Its good to be alive”

A. Metcon: (AMRAP – Reps)

Snatch Ladder
Complete as many reps as possible in 15 minutes

[Every 10 reps increase weight]

Bar 1: 10 @ 40/60kg
Bar 2: 10 @ 42/65kg
Bar 3: 10 @ 45/70kg
Bar 4: 10 @ 47/75kg
Bar 5: Max reps @ 50/80kg

(Scaled options available)

B. Ring Dips (7-7-7-7)
C. Pull-ups (7-7-7-7)

Wednesday 11th February

CrossFit Programming
Session Focus: Powerlifting

A. Back SquatIMG_4633
5 x 5
B. Conditioning:

Part 1: 7 mins to complete as many
– Bar Muscle Up ‘s

* Every time you come off the bar  – 200m sandbag run, before returning to MU’s

3 min transition then

Part 2: For time;
30 x HSPU
60 x Wall balls @ 6/9kg
90 x Sit Up
180 x Double Unders

[20min time cap]

*Scaled options available





Tuesday 10th February


Morning Team
As we make the big change over this week to Wodify, keep an eye out for a few very important emails that we will be sending to you in regards to everything you need in continuing your ‘box life’ at CFU. Most are just once off but good emails to keep. Our goal is to stop using Mindbody 100% by the end of this Saturday 14th Feb. If you have received a Welcome email, please start using Wodify and stop booking with mindbody. If you haven’t received a email from us please let us know and we will get one out to you asap.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time, Wodify is going to be a great and fun tool for us all.
Cheers Jeff and team CFU

CrossFit Programming
Session Focus: Olympic 

A, Power Clean
5 x 5

B. Conditioning: ’540′
(CFU Bench mark WOD)
For Time complete;

50 x Overhead lunges @10/20kg
40 x Pull ups
30 x Thruster @ 30/42kg
20 x Burpee
10 x Squat cleans @ 40/60kg

(Scaled options available)

Monday 9th February

CrossFit Programming

Time to get your Swing on. Make sure to bring your WOD eye's like Bruce here!

Time to get your Swing on. Make sure to bring your WOD eye’s like Bruce here!

Session focus: Powerlifting

A. Deadlift
5 x 5
(15min time cap)

B. Bench Press
4 x 10
(15min time cap)

AMRAP: 7min AMRAP of;

7 x Thruster @ 30/40kg
7 x KB Swing @ 16/24kg

(Scaled options available)




Saturday 7th February

CrossFit Programming
Session Focus: Olympic  

A. 18min EMOTM;    

10 minutes of: 5 x Clean Pull

8 minutes of: 3 x Split Jerk

B. Conditioning: 15min AMRAP of;

2 x Clean & Jerk @ 50/80kg
6 x Pull Up
9 x Wall balls @ 6/9kg
12 x Double Unders

(Scaled options available)

Friday 6th February


Friday 6th Feb: Waitangi day Throw down 3  

15 minute – Throw down briefing and individual warm Up

WOD 1: In teams of 3, complete for time;

Part 1:
800m run
1 – person carry’s @ 25kg
1 – person carry’s @ 20kg
1 – person @ no weight
(Team can change weights at anytime)

* Team must move on together for each part – Helping you team mate’s to finish their reps is allowed

Part 2:
25 x Front Squat
25 x Back Squat
50 x Air Squat
RX @ 35/50kg SC@ 20/30kg

Part 3:
25 x Hang Power Clean
25 x Power Clean
50 x Deadlift
RX @ 35/50kg SC@ 20/30kg

Part 4:
25 x RX – Feet 2 Bar/ SC – Hanging Leg Raise
25 x V-Up
50 x Sit Up

Part 5:
25 x Shoulder Press
25 x Push Press
50 x Push Up
RX@ 25/40kg SC@ 10/20kg

[35 minute time cap]

* 10 minute Rest & recovery

WOD 2: 10 minutes to build up and establish your max;
Individual WOD

RX – 1RM Snatch
SC – 1RM Deadlift

* 10 minute Rest & recovery

WOD 3: 15 minute  AMRAP
Take turns, one preforms rounds of;

10 x RX – Pull Up/ SC – Ring Row
10 x RX – Box Jump @ 20/24” SC – Step Up @ 20/24”

Other Two
– Hold a body sit until person preforming the round has finished

(Scored on total rounds for your team)

Lets Throw Down!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday 5th February

Remember with it being Waitangi day tomorrow, it means its time for our in-house Waitangi day

We would like to welcome Nick Plimmer to CFU as a New member. He has just recently completed his foundations block and is now looking forward to applying it to his training

We would like to welcome Nick Plimmer to CFU as a New member. He has just recently completed his foundations block and is now looking forward to applying it to his training

throw down. This year will be team focused and is scheduled from 10am to 12noon, with 2 different programmed levels to give everyone the best workout possible for their skill level. Friends and family are more than welcome to come along to watch. After from 1pm we would love to invite anyone that is keen to come along for some late breakfast or lunch to catch up and tell some battle story’s.

Please Make sure to book into your mind body account

CrossFit programming
Session Focus: Gymnastic

A. Bar Muscle Up practice
(Use bands)

B. Conditioning: For time

Strict HSPU
Front Squat @ 50/80kg

(Scaled options available)


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