Thursday 9th October


We are going to be running a little understaffed on Friday and Saturday this week.
Our Box timetable will be:

Friday: 6:30am Main Class, 12:00noon Main Class, and Open box 5-7pm
(Note: Lunch class will start at 12:00noon this Friday. Also there will be no other open box times, other than the night session)

Saturday: 9:00am Main Class, 10:30am GPP and Olympic Club. The box will be closing at 12:00noon this week
(Note: No foundations Class this week)

Thank you for your patience with the reduced timetable

Main Class Programming 

A. Deadlift
7 x 1rep

Conditioning: Team Chipper
Working in pairs complete with evenly broken up rep structures
for time complete;

150 x Wall balls @ 6/9kg

100 x Power Clean
RX@40/60kg / INT@ 32/50kg

50 x Strict Pull Up
RX Men@ BW / RX Women@ Blue Band
INT Men@ Blue Band / RX Women @Green Band

25 x Power Snatch
RX@40/60kg / INT@ 32/50kg

Wednesday 8th October

Liana and Nikita knocking though their Kettlebell Swings last week and making look easy after many months of hard training in the Womens Group

Liana and Nikita knocking though their Kettlebell Swings last week and making them look easy after many months of hard training in the Women’s Group. Keep it up girls!

Main Class programming

A. Helen (Bench Mark WOD)  
Complete 3 rounds for time of;

400m run
21 x KB Swing @ 16/24kg
12 x Pull Up

B. Bench press 
7 x 1rep

Tuesday 7th October

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 8.40.37 pm

Today we are offering anyone the change to come in and do Yoga for FREE
Bring a friend or family member with you and come learn some great stretches to help with your mobility and recovery. Yoga starts tonight at 6:45pm upstairs in the yoga studio

Call us on 455 5943 to book someone in or sign up on your mind-body account

 Main Class programming 

A. 1 x Clean & Jerk  (Every 2 minutes)

On achieving a lift you must increase your next lift by at least 2kg.
If you fail a lift you must keep reattempting the same weight until you successfully achieve the weight. You can open with the weight of your choice
You will get 10 attempts

B. Conditioning: 12min AMRAP of;    

12 x Box Jump @ 20/24”
12 x Feet 2 Bar
12 x GR Push Up

* Every minute on that minute complete – 2 x Muscle Up
(Scale with progression you have been shown)

Monday 6th October

A. 15mins to find your 1RM Back Squat 


Do you squat? Grant does and We do to!! One of the most valved movements in CrossFit, the squat has so many benefits

B. Conditioning: For time complete;  
21-15-9 of;
Hang Clean
RX@40/60 INT@32/50 SC – ask Coach

Handstand Push Up

After finishing your 9th HSPU    

400m walking lunge








Saturday 4th October


Four of our Masters athletes have signed to compete in an international team event for the Australia region (NZ, Australia and Asia). The 2015 MASTERS WORLD TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP will consist of 3 – 4 events. Each event will consist of 6-8 WODS which they will do over the course of 10 days (2 weekends). The competition has levels for all athletes from Elite, RX and Scaled/Injured with age groups of 35+. All workouts will be scaled to age and gender. Workouts will be published online and completed in athlete’s local boxes and scores will be submitted online.  Anne, Lesley, Jeff D (pictured) and Andrew (absent) have all stepping up this year to give it a crack.

If you are 35+ and interested in doing the event with these guys please contact us

Please show your support for these guys as it is fantastic to see a Masters Group of competitors starting to appear with in our box and also that there is so much more on offer for Masters CrossFit athletes worldwide
The first round of WODS starts on 17th October

A. Push Press
5 x 3reps

B. Tabata L-Sit Holds
8sets of 20sec holds/10sec rest

C. Conditioning: 3 rounds for time of;

Run 400m
30 x Air Squat
1 x 15ft Rope Climb
15 x Sumo Deadlift High Pull @ 35/50kg
1 x 15ft Rope Climb
5 x Split Jerk @ 35/50kg


Friday 3rd October

No Two days are ever the same training at CFU. The 6:30am Womens group throwing down hard as always

No Two days are ever the same training at CFU. Check out the 6:30am Women’s group throwing down hard as always

A. Overhead Squat  
5 x 3reps

B. Bench Press 
5 x 3reps

C. Conditioning: For time complete  
100 x Thruster @ 30/42kg
Everytime you put the bar down
5 x Burpee’s until finished

Thursday 2nd October

Are you training Gymnastic strength regularly? If done correctly, the Strict Ring Dip is a great movement for total upper body strength and shoulder stability. It is perfect for developing your pushing power and will activate far more muscles than a Barbell bench press. Its easy to scale this movement with a band. Hit up one of our Coaches in your next class, if your hoping to prefect this exercise or even develop a kipping Ring Dip.

A. Deadlift    

Simon is back hitting morning Main Classes hard this week, great to see

Simon is back hitting morning Main Classes hard this week, great to see!

5 x 3reps

B. Conditioning:  

Part 1: 4min’s Max HS Walking (or) bear crawl

60sec transition then

Part 2: 6min’s to find your max weight
complex of;

1 x Deadlift
1 x Hang Clean  (Power or Full)
1 x Front Squat
1 x Shoulder to overhead

2min transition then

Part 3: 8min AMRAP of;
10 x KB Snatch @ 16/24kg
15 x Pull up

Wednesday 1st October

 A. Every 2mins on that minute complete

Personal Record Board for September

Personal Record Board for September. Some interesting ones this month!

1 x Snatch

On achieving a lift you must increase your next lift by at least 2kg
If you fail a lift you must keep reattempting the same weight until you successfully achieve it
You can open with the weight of your choice
10 attempts   (20min’s)

B.  Strict Pull Ups    
5 x 5rep

C. Conditioning: 10min AMRAP of;  

10 x Ring Dip
15 x Wall Ball @ 6/9kg
20 x MB Sit Up @ 6/9kg
(Ball starts behind the head and finishes between the feet)

Tuesday 30th September


Another New comer to the Olympic Club Kiri – going from strength to strength under the watch & programming of Coach Mark

A. Back Squat    
5 x 3

B. Conditioning:    

Part 1: 7mins ascending ladder

Power Snatch
Pistol (L+R=1)

3min transition then;

Part 2: 7mins ascending ladder

Front Squat
RX @ 40/60kg INT @ 35/50kg SC – ask Coach



Monday 29th September


Michelle and Emily Busting out some easy Wall ball reps in GPP. Wall balls are a staple exercise at CFU! They are a full body conditioning movement, that also train’s accuracy and of course the all important gas tank.

A. Clean & Jerk
5 x 3reps                          

B. Conditioning: “Rankel”  
(Hero WOD) In house version
20min AMRAP of;

6 x Deadlift
RX@ 70/100kg INT@ 60/80 SC – ask Coach

7 x Burpee pull-ups

14 x KB Swings @ 16/24kg

200m Run






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