Wednesday 3rd April

Week two of mobility class and it’s going great, a big group joined us last night after the Uncut class to limber up! With a focus on post workout recovery, increasing range of motion and efficiency of movement it’s been great to see people coming along to give it a go. Long term we will be seeing improvements in our performance, technique and keep us free from pesky injuries.Classes run at 6.45 Tuesdays and Thursdays and are free to all members.

Power: Box Jumps
WU2 x 5 reps, 4 x 2 reps

WU x 8, WU x 5, 4 x 2 reps

WOD: Barbara
5 Rounds for time of;
20 x Pull Ups
30 x Push Ups
40 x Sit Ups
50 x Air Squats
Compulsory 3 Min rest at end of each round

Tuesday 2nd April

We hope everybody had a great Easter break and are ready to get back into it this week and work off all the chocolate. CrossFit total followed by Mobility with Kate tonight, what a combo!! Just a wee reminder that the evening class is now at 5:30 pm so if we can have everyone here and warming up by 5:30 then we can get underway on time, also where possible if you can please book in to the classes either through mindbody or by emailing so we can get a better indication of who is coming, it just helps us get set up for the sessions beforehand.

WOD: CrossFit Total
10 mins to find your 1RM Back squat
10 mins to find your 1RM Shoulder press
10 mins to find your 1RM Deadlift
Take your best lift at each exercise to find your total score.

Finisher: Tabata Pull Ups
8sets of 20sec on/10sec off for max reps

Monday 1st April

WOD: On the Minute for 20mins perform
(Every Alternate minute)

A. 3 x Clean @ 85% of 3RM
7 x Push Ups

B. 5 x Front Squats @ Same as Clean weight
7 x Push Ups

Metcon: 4 rounds for time of;
50 x Double unders (Scaled option – 150 x singles)
400m run
10 x Bodyblasters (Burpee – Pull up – Knees to elbows)

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