Lesley Procter

Lesley Procter

CrossFit Coach

Lesley has enjoyed a variety of sports – age group swimming, Dressage, women’s rugby, and karate. But finding CrossFit and a barbell has been the most rewarding of all.  When she started at CrossFit Uncut she had been virtually sedentary for 10 years and couldn’t run 400m without stopping. CrossFit works, and her goal for those in our classes is that they achieve what they are capable of in a safe and supportive environment. She loves that CrossFit is scalable so that everyone can experience a feeling of mastery.


Although her favourite WOD would be anything with a heavy barbell in it, it is fair to say that she struggles with the gymnastics skills. What she has learned at Crossfit Uncut, though, is that with time and determination anything is possible. Her goal as a Coach would be primarily to help others learn this too.


Lesley has achieved an impressive practical CV in the sport of CrossFit since beginning in 2013. She has twice been in the top 200 athletes in her age group after the CF Open and in 2016 made the top 100 after the Master’s Qualifier. In 2016 she won the New Zealand Boxfit Champs for her age group. She is a multiple record holder in Olympic Weightlifting in her age and weight category and has just begun competing in Powerlifting.

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