The highest compliment that you can pay us is your referral. So we thought it would be nice if we did something to say thank you.

Refer family & friends to a FREE 2 week trial at CFU, the more that join up, the more discount you get!

2 Join up to any membership

Your Discount 10%
Their Discount 10%

3 Join up to any membership

Your Discount 15%
Their Discount 10%

4 Join up to any membership

Your Discount 100%
Their Discount 10%

How the program works?

  • Refer a family member or friend to come in for a FREE week trial with us. They need to contact us first to activate their FREE week and this gives us the chance to recommend the right plain for their week, based on their strength & conditioning experience and training goals.
  • After their FREE week we will contact your family/friend about membership options and if they would like to continue with CFU.
  • If and when they sign up to any membership commitment you both get a discount based on the above options added to your memberships for the rest of both of your membership terms. The discount lasts on your account for the full length of your membership commitment
  • The more family/ friends you sign the better your discounts and you can build your discount over time.
  • Referrals are all logged through Wodify and are shown as a ‘relationship’ to another member, so we can track who refers who.
  • Terms and conditioning: Discounts can’t be redeemed for cash or transferred to someone else. If you were to leave CFU your family/friend discount would still remain for the others.